Alleviate Problems At The Source

Have you heard of the traditional Chinese method of massage therapy called cupping? It can help alleviate problems for many, including breastfeeding moms.


Breastfeeding, especially in the beginning when your milk supply hasn’t regulated, can lead to engorgement and sometimes outright pain. Some moms nurse as much as possible to relieve the discomfort, but others turn to a breast pump to take help take the pressure off. There is another method to relieve mom’s pain -- a traditional Chinese method called cupping.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Danielle Strauss of MIA Acupuncture ( has a Master’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine, is a board certified herbalist and practices acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, cupping, moxibustion (heat therapy), and Chinese medical massage. She has worked with many breastfeeding moms to alleviate lactation problems or help with painful engorgement.

"Several of my clients find instant relief from cupping during their breastfeeding experience. Most women face difficulties breastfeeding, especially at the beginning when the milk comes down. This is because the milk itself stagnates if the infant does not yet have the sucking power to stimulate the free flow of milk and in turn, the milk becomes firm. Cupping softens the muscle and decreases milk hardening,” Danielle explained.

About cupping

Cupping is a method where local suction is created on the skin to help promote healing. It has been used in Chinese medicine as far back as 3000 BC and remains popular today. There is a vacuum formed using a few different methods that draws out old, non-circulating stagnant blood and fluids from painful areas.

These waste products are then brought to the skin level so that healthy free circulation can return to the affected area. This makes space for the oxygen, living cells, and nutrients that are needed for healing. At the skin level, the body’s capillary system can carry the toxins away to the liver and the kidneys, where they can be metabolized and excreted efficiently.

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