Moms Talk About The Early Signs Of Pregnancy

For some women, they don't realize they are pregnant until they see a positive pregnancy test. Others experience telltale early signs of pregnancy. We talked to a number of real moms who shared with us their stories about how they knew they were pregnant.

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What's that smell?

"I knew that I was pregnant because all of a sudden everything smelled like onions and peanut butter," laughs Tina Bershop, mother of twins. "I hadn't even missed my period yet, but my sense of smell was all out of whack. Everywhere I went, I was smelling onions, and for some reason, all my beverages smelled like peanut butter. For a second, I thought I might be going crazy. Then, I figured out that I was actually pregnant!"

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Ditzy blonde

"One of my first signs that I was pregnant was that I became forgetful," says Taylor Winstrom, new mother of a baby boy named Adrian. "Prior to getting pregnant, I had almost a photographic memory. But right after conception, I became a typical ditzy blonde. I would forget things, like my boss's wife's name, or leave my purse behind when I went shopping. I'd almost leave the house before putting on pants. Luckily, my ditzy phase only lasted the first three months."

Nodding off

"I missed my period and didn't think anything of it," explains Amy Washington, a New York accountant who had her first child at 40. "My periods were always irregular and we thought I couldn't get pregnant. But then all of a sudden, I was extremely tired -- I even nodded off during an important business meeting. My best friend told me to take a pregnancy test and sure enough, it was positive."

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Aversion to food

"Almost immediately after conception, my aversion to certain foods began, especially to eggs and cheese," says Marcella McDonald, mother of two toddlers. "The thought of having an omelet for breakfast was enough to send me to the bathroom, heaving. At first, I thought I must have the flu. We had been trying to get pregnant for years, so I began praying and hoping for a missed period and a positive pregnancy test."

Tender ta-tas

"I had a few typical symptoms right away -- nausea and heightened sense of smell -- but I didn't think that I could possibly be pregnant," says new mom Charline Rockwell from San Antonio, Texas. "The one symptom that made me run out and buy a pregnancy test was definitely my tender breasts. They were tingly and tender for my first month or so of pregnancy before they started becoming swollen."

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