Baby Boy Name Ideas

Our baby name generator produces some highly original names, such as Trevan, Bryden, Elison, Keary and Julan. You've probably never heard of those before; that's because these names are randomly created each time you load the generator page. They might be fabulous -- or so out there that you wouldn't use them, ever.

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Write down your favorites (because your back button won't work to revisit names generated), then click here — or reload the page to see more.

Tips for finding a unique boy name

  • Consider names of things in nature, such as Slate, Cedar or Steele.
  • Think about colors. Celebrities started the colorful name trend, with Alicia Silverstone naming her son Bear Blu — and of course, there's Beyonce’s daughter, Blue Ivy. Other color names to consider include Sage, Gray and Rust.
  • Look through some of your favorite classic novels and movies for standout names, such as Gatsby, from The Great Gatsby or Atticus, from To Kill a Mockingbird.

Edgy boy names

  • Consider X and Z names, such as Zander, Jax and Blaize. These are hip but easy to pronounce and spell. More ideas include Xavier, Zeke, Axel and Zane.
  • Pay attention to last names; many make fine first names — for instance, Nixon, Lincoln, Beckham, Jagger and Harley. This is an ideal way to pass on a family name, too.

Create your own name

  • Combine the parents' names. For example, parents named Shannon and Grant might create the name Gannon or Grannon.
  • Switch up the ending of a popular name. For example, Jason could be Jaxon, or Max could be Mav.

Cool baby name themes

If you and your significant other are having a hard time agreeing on a baby name, try picking a theme to help narrow down your search. For instance, if you both love to travel, think about baby names based on places: Brooklyn, Dallas and Venice, for example. If you share a penchant for old movies and classic literature, check out some of the old-fashioned names that haven't been popular in many years.

Get started in finding a unique name now — try out our boy name generator below!

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