Rare Triplet Birth Is One In A Million

Identical twins are rare, but identical triplets are rarer. One Montana family probably feels like they hit the lottery when their identical triplets were born.

Identical triplets

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One in a million. That's the odds that Jody and Jase Kinsey beat when they delivered identical triplet boys a little over a month ago. The family is in good health, and while the babies all haven't been released to go home quite yet, Mom and Dad are hopeful that they will be soon.

Cade, Ian and Milo were conceived without the aid of fertility drugs, and since they are identical, it means that a single egg was fertilized with a single sperm — this splits in half, and then one splits in half again. Their mom, Jody, enjoyed a healthy pregnancy, even though her doctor requested that she stop working in September. She was admitted to the clinic in November, and on Dec. 5, after experiencing contractions the night before, she was found to be 8 centimeters dilated. Her babies were born soon after via C-section — too soon for Dad to witness the births.

Jody was around 32 or 33 weeks pregnant when her triplets were born. The first baby born, Cade, weighed 3 pounds, 13 ounces. The second baby, Ian, was 3 pounds, 11 ounces, and Milo, born last, was 4 pounds, 1 ounce. They were all born healthy, and they didn't experience any breathing difficulties that are so common in premature babies.

Two of the babies are still in the clinic, working on learning to eat and putting on some extra weight. Jody is staying nearby with Cade, who has already been discharged, and hopes that Ian and Milo will be released soon so they can all go home to Dad and their big brother.

The family is accepting donations. If you'd like to help, you can send a contribution to:

Murdochs Ranch Supply
620 Meadows Drive
Miles City MT 59301 

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