Have Hardwood Floors? Try These Slipper Socks

Finally, a pair of socks your baby won't be able to yank off.

Mocc Ons

Photo credit: Sock Ons

Now that winter is rolling around, it's time to bundle up Baby and bring on the layers.

Figuring out a way to keep your baby's feet warm can be tricky. Sure, socks can do the trick if Baby isn't mobile yet, but as soon as she discovers her feet and learns to pull her socks off — game over. You'll be constantly trying to solve the missing sock mystery.

Anyone who has hardwood floors or tile surfaces at home knows what a pain slippery socks can be for a toddling tot learning to walk. A living room floor can turn into an indoor Slip'N Slide.

Plus, having a barefoot baby roll around on a cool hardwood floor is fine in the summer, but becomes an issue once the weather turns chilly.

Some moms I know have used socks with little grippers to help their little one maintain balance on a slippery surface at home, but keeping them on is an issue.

And while moccasins are becoming popular as a casual soft-sole shoe around the house, the downside is that most can't be washed.

Enter Mocc Ons ($16) -- a moccasin style slipper sock.

Mocc Ons

These slipper socks, which are an expansion of the Sock Ons brand, were designed to keep Baby's feet warm, while the leather sole helps prevent slipping.

Now, the product might seem a little gimmicky, but we had a chance to check out a sample pair and totally fell in love.

They are essentially like slippers for your toddler. They are perfect for around the house — especially if you have hardwood floors. The fitted sock stays in place, making it harder for a little one to yank off.

There are plenty of cute options too. The Ballet Mocc Ons are our favorite look, but the Sneaker design is a close second.

The best part? They're washable! A must-have feature for messy kiddos.

Mock Ons are widely available in the UK, but are only carried in a limited amount of boutiques and online retailers in the U.S. Amazon is probably your best bet for scoring a pair.

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