Royals Fans Have Ultimate World Series Souvenir

A couple who were expecting their third daughter tried to go to Game 1 of the World Series, but had to leave before the first pitch because the mom-to-be's water broke.
Kansas City Royals World Series baby
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Royals fans Stephanie and Jason Hetherington scored tickets to Game 1 of the World Series, which took place at Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri. Her due date wasn't until next week so they were hoping that their baby would wait until the game was over to make her appearance, but it wasn't meant to be.

A hasty exit

They headed to the stadium early to take in batting practice and the rest of the preparation for the city's first World Series appearance in 30 years, and they joked that they hoped they'd make it through the game. They had just made their way back to their seats after fetching some grub when Stephanie's water broke.

She actually considered hanging out for a bit. I don't blame her because she wasn't yet in labor — no contractions — and come on, it's the World Series! But they ultimately decided to make their way back to the car with the assistance of stadium medical staff.

They were driven out to their car and headed to Liberty Hospital where they watched the game while Stephanie labored. Little Ali arrived before midnight, weighing 7 pounds, 8 ounces.

Sure, Stephanie and Jason missed the game, but they have a priceless memory that they will never forget. How often do moms break their water at the World Series? This is such an amazing, special time for Kansas City, and this family has a really cool token (the World Series tickets) to add to their little girl's baby book.

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