Sweet Family Showcases Second Pregnancy In A Unique Way

Pregnancy is a special time, but it's not always the quickest thing ever. One couple decided to "speed things up" with a really sweet time-lapse video.

Pregnant woman video

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You say pregnancy takes forever? Well, it can certainly feel that way for the mama-to-be, but it doesn't seem to be when you take a gander at this adorable family.

I love the way they incorporate their toddler daughter and the dad-to-be in the video as well, and it's fun to see their home in various states of disarray. Family homes aren't always neat and tidy and it gives the video a bit of quirkiness that comes across as super cute.

I also love the way the baby "comes out" at the end. And I admit I got teary eyed.

Well done all around!

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