You Can Help Fund A Cool Children's Book

Sapphire and her friend need your help as author Peter Clark has created a Kickstarter for his awesome children's book.

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So many children's books have a strong male lead, but one Kickstarter hopes to fund one that doesn't. Sapphire's Castle features a brave little girl named Sapphire, who, along with her best friend Archer, defeats a dragon.

A Kickstarter for an awesome kid's book

Crowdfunding is such a neat way to not only help someone's project come to life, but to get some really awesome swag while you're at it.

Peter Clark, author of The Mighty Knights, is working once again with amazing illustrator Kory Fluckiger to bring a children's book to life. Sapphire's Castle has a goal of $3,000 that must be reached in less than two months, but the rewards are awesome — and how neat is it to say that you directly helped get a book in print?

Clark decided to stray into a different territory for his newest adventure. "Diversity within books will help to enrich our children's lives and their world view to make our communities stronger and more tolerant," he writes on the Kickstarter page. "In having three sons, I was so excited to write a book with an African-American, female lead to introduce my family to more diversity as well."

Clark talks about his inspiration for the book's title character, which didn't come far from home. "When my family noticed that most all books had a male lead when it came to adventure and bravery, I knew I wanted to create something different," he writes. "I have known my wife since elementary school, and always found her to be a brave heroine in our household. With that being said, I decided to make a full-color children's book that put a brave little girl in the heroine role for Sapphire's Castle."

I think this is a pretty awesome project and could become a neat family treasure that you and your kids can enjoy for years to come.

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