Tot's Cute Mockery Goes Viral

Expectant women seriously have to endure a lot when they're closing in on the end of their pregnancies. Being mocked by your own toddler shouldn't be one of those things... but it sure is hilarious when caught on video.

Happy toddler laughing

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Kids do the darndest things

Bill Cosby can forget about "Kids Say the Darndest Things." What about "Kids Do the Darndest Things?" Diaper-wearing, pacifier-sucking "Ellis" does a silly impression of his expectant mother while being filmed and encouraged to "walk like mama."

The little boy, who can't be more than 18 months, is seen pushing a big yellow truck around the house until he finally abandons his toy to follow his dad's instructions. He then sticks out his tummy, arches his back and waddles around like he has a sack of potatoes on his belly. Watch it for yourself here:

Poor mama

At the end of the less than 50-second clip, the man pans to "Mama" — who is heavily pregnant (and very embarrassed since she immediately covers her face). Though she's laughing and taking it all in stride, we kind of feel bad for the expectant mom. The most hilarious part of the clip, though. comes at the end when the little boy covers his face in mock embarrassment — just like his mama.

What we women endure

Seeing this video made us laugh, but it also made us realize the fact that we really do have to handle a lot when we're pregnant. How many times has a stranger just reached out and began caressing your burgeoning bump, for example? And what about the inevitable and highly inappropriate comments like "Whoa, you must be due any moment!" or "Are you having twins?" Being pregnant is certainly good training for becoming a mom — when every ounce of your patience will be likely tested by your little one at some point.

We have to hand it to Mama: We think she handles her son's mockery in the best way possible — by simply laughing it off. After all, we all need a good laugh... especially in the final stages of pregnancy.

What is the most inappropriate (but kinda funny) thing that happened to you during pregnancy?

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