Staff Didn't Believe Woman Was In Labor

A British mom-to-be who is in labor is turned away from the hospital not once, but twice, and ultimately gives birth on the floor of her mother's house.


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Zeenat Patel was due to give birth any day when she went into labor, and like many of us moms, she headed straight to the hospital. Unfortunately, they determined that she was not yet in active labor, which is a pretty common experience. However, what caused her to be upset is what happened next.

"Come back later"

Patel was initially told by a triage nurse that she was not anywhere near ready to give birth, and she was advised to go home. An hour later, she was still in significant distress and she and her partner decided to head back in.

However, this second journey was not successful either. She was again turned away, was told that because she was able to talk through her pain that she still couldn't be admitted, and her pleas were ignored.

Disheartened, she headed to her mother's house, where she shut herself in the bathroom. Just 40 minutes after being told to go home the second time, she sat down, and suddenly she felt the baby's head emerging. Her mother heard her cries and helped her into another room, where she helped deliver her newborn baby girl — all the while, she was on the phone with the emergency dispatcher.

Despite the baby being born with a cord around her neck (which is surprisingly common), little Liyana was born healthy and weighed 6 pounds, 2 ounces. She and her mom were taken to the hospital for observation following her dramatic, unexpected birth.

It's reported that officials at the hospital are looking into the matter. Regardless, I would be just as upset as this mom is. It doesn't sound like they examined her to see if her cervix was dilating or thinning out, just sent her on her way because she didn't "sound like" she was in labor. What's up with that?

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