Boston Marathon Double Amputee Is A New Dad

Jeff Bauman lost his legs in the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013. But just over a year later, he's gained so much more.
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Jeff Bauman's life was forever changed when he became a victim of the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013. Photos of Bauman in a wheelchair with his legs destroyed by the bombs spread around the web like wildfire. But he didn't let that incident hold him back or define the rest of life.

New beginnings

Though the tragedy left him without his legs, Bauman's life has since taken a much more positive spin. He and his fiancee recently welcomed a baby girl, Nora Gail Bauman. The following announcement was made on his Facebook page:

"Jeff and Erin are proud to announce the birth of their beautiful baby girl, Nora Gail Bauman, born 7/13/14. Everyone is happy and healthy!"

Jeff details his horrific experience in the Boston Marathon bombing and how it changed his life in a memoir called Stronger. It was released this April.

We love a happy ending

It's hard to imagine something so terrifying happening, so it warms our hearts to see that Bauman has not let the bombing bring him down. We're hoping that things continue to get better and better for him. And with a book, a fiancee and a new baby in his life, we're thinking this is just the beginning of more good things for Bauman and his new family.

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