Your Heart Will Melt With This Original Tune

A mother happens upon a heart-melting scene when she walks in and finds her 6-year-old son crooning to his newborn baby brother.

Brothers with baby

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"I like your eyes," sings a 6-year-old boy, as he cradles his newborn brother in his arms. "I like your nose." For a full minute, a mother videos her older son singing an original lullaby to his newborn brother.

What sibling rivalry?

Moms-to-be who already have a child often worry about how their older child, or children, will react when their new sibling arrives. I didn't stress so much going from one to two, because my first kiddo was super adaptable and I thought he'd do well with the transition (and he did).

My second baby, however, was pretty high spirited and wasn't quite as easy when moving from one situation to the next, so I stressed that it was going to be terrible when his sister arrived.

However, when the time came for him to come to the hospital to meet his new sibling, he sat down on the bed and sang her the ABC song. I was so surprised and pleased, and of course bawled like crazy.

Unfortunately, it didn't last, and as she grew up, they did develop new arguing and fighting skills that I was totally unprepared for, as I rarely fought with my brother as I was growing up (he is just shy of six years older than me).

And their youngest sibling was so much younger (they were 7, 10 and 14 when she was born) they were all super excited and happy at her birth.

What experiences did you have when you brought home a new baby?

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