Dad Delivers Baby
On Camera

A third-time dad straps on his GoPro camera before racing to the hospital with his laboring wife, and the footage is so amazing to see.

Night drive baby delivery

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You've heard about moms having their babies in their cars, in their driveways, and even in front of the hospital they were supposed to deliver in. But have you ever seen footage of it happening? After watching this video, you can say you have .

Off to the races

Troy and Kristin Dickerson were awaiting the birth of their third child when she went into labor — ironically the night before an induction was scheduled. An avid biker and surfer, Troy was in the habit of using his beloved GoPro camera on his adventures. When Kristin went into labor at 42 weeks pregnant and they had to rush to the hospital in the middle of the night, he strapped the camera on and filmed their amazing journey.

The resulting video is at times hard to bear, as the dad-to-be absolutely races down the highway at 95 miles per hour towards their destination. Kristin is sitting beside him wailing in pain, and soon begins to cry that she's not going to make it. Troy reassures her that they will make it, and they do.

It's baby time!

They pull up and a valet attendant comes out with a wheelchair, but as Kristin stands up, she says that they baby is coming out. The valet tries to coax her into the wheelchair (in a sitting position, like that's going to happen!), but instead, Troy crouches down and catches his baby boy.

It's an awesome video. I really got caught up in the moment and was cursing Troy for driving so fast and really, why aren't you pulling over and calling 911? Then when the valet implores her to sit down, I shout, "Are you joking?" And by the time the baby emerges, I'm bawling.

It was such a cool, emotionally wrought video with an amazingly happy ending. I also think it's an awesome use of the GoPro technology.

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