Baby Cries Before Mom Pulls Over

Talk about a surprise birth — a mom-to-be in Idaho had her baby while she was actually behind the wheel of her car… and driving.

Birth while driving

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You know not to hop in your car and drive yourself to the hospital if you're in labor, right? Well, what do you do if your labor is so mild that you don't realize you're minutes away from giving birth? That was what happened to an Idaho woman who was on her way for a routine doctor visit.

Surprised mom gave birth while driving

You've probably read several stories about mothers who were in labor and didn't quite make it to the hospital in time, right? I love surprise birth stories — that's why I write about them often — but this is the first story I have covered where the mother is actually driving when her baby is born.

Shawna Uriguen had left work and was driving to a routine OB appointment when the big event took place. She reports that she had been having mild contractions, but they were inconsistent, and she didn't really think anything of them.

"I think the baby is in my pant leg"

She was on the phone with her fiance when she experienced a few strong contractions. She was looking for somewhere to safely pull over when she heard the baby crying and realized that her little girl was in her pant leg. Can you imagine?

Her fiance, of course, was stunned, but with his EMT training, he was able to keep her calm. He had trouble finding the correct emergency responders (he was also in transit, trying to meet her at her doctor's office). Once he got through, emergency personnel were soon on the scene and escorted a happy mom and her healthy baby to the hospital.

“The baby had other intentions and wanted to get here more quickly,” Uriguen said. “It was definitely a shock. I was thinking, ‘What should I do now?’”

They named their baby Kimber Marie.

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