Which Toy Is Right For Your Baby?

Baby toys can be expensive, and as a mom you want to get the biggest bang for your buck. We put several VTech baby toys to the test and are sharing what we liked (or didn't) about each.

Roll & Surprise Animal Train

Roll & Surprise Animal Train

Best for ages: 6-36 months

Description: This animal choo-choo train has peek-a-boo pop-up characters that help teach animal names and sounds. Push and pull buttons help Baby practice her motor skills. The headlight blinks to offer more visual stimulation. A combination of 55 different songs, sounds and phrases help keep your child engaged.

Our take: This is currently one of my daughter’s favorite toys. When first looking at the train, I thought it was a little simplistic and wouldn't hold her interest very long, but she loves to pull it by the string and walk it around the house, listening to the songs play. The tunes are catchy (seriously, I have "Chug-a-Chuga-Choo-Choo" in my head right now) and I like that it’s not a character-themed train.

What we didn’t like: Wish it came in other colors.

VTech, $16 

Busy Learners Activity Cube

Busy Learners Activity Cube

Best for ages: 6-36 months

Description: This activity cube has five different sides for babies to explore. There is a combination of music, light-up buttons and shapes. It features 14 different manipulative features, including sliding musical instruments, spinning blocks and moving parts. Plays 25 different songs and melodies.

Our take: We liked that it had different activities on each side of the cube. Since it stands still when upright, it could be a great toy to encourage younger babies to reach for while learning to crawl. The side columns are easy for small hands to grasp and my daughter loves to walk around with it and put it in her wagon.

What we didn’t like: While there are two volume levels, there are no other sound controls. Currently the sound is a mixture of music and talking. I wish it had a music-only option.

VTech, $18

VTech baby toyMove & Crawl Ball

Best for ages: 6-36 months

Description: A self-rolling ball, this toy has light-up shapes and buttons. There are over 40 different songs and sounds. Satin ribbon trims the top of the ball for young babies to pull on.

Our take: The toy is a fun option for babies who are just becoming mobile. I think the satin ribbon edging will be popular with little ones who are attached to the popular “Taggies” blankets. When your child gets older and is walking, the ball is fun to chase around. Depending on where your baby is at developmentally, the self-rolling motion might freak him out, but the toy is still fun to roll around even when turned off. It also comes in a bright pink.

What we didn’t like: We wish there was an option to turn off the volume and just have the movement for another level of (quiet) stimulation.

VTech, $15

Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

Best for ages: 9-36 months

Description: This push walker is designed to grow with your baby from crawling to walking. The activity panel detaches and lays flat on the floor for babies that aren’t yet mobile. It turns into a walker with two speed settings so your child can practice standing, then walking with it. The panel features light-up shape sorters, spinning gears, rollers and other gadgets.

Our take: My daughter actually received two of these walkers as Christmas gifts and she loves them so much we have one upstairs and one downstairs. I like the different sound levels — one for music and one setting for learning that reviews shapes and colors. It also comes in an adorable pink color that we saw at a friend's house during a play date.

What we didn’t like: Nothing. We love it!

VTech, $35

Note: Some of the products mentioned here were provided courtesy of the company for the purposes of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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