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A mom photographer chose to reenact a scene from Snow White with her baby girl, but some don't think it's appropriate.

Snow White apples

Photo credit: Coritea/iStock / 360/Getty Images

A friend pointed out the following Snow White baby photo to me the other day. I think it's adorable, but some are crying foul. Why?

A sweet photo shoot

I tracked down the original appearance of this photo, designed to portray the story of Snow White. I traced it down to the baby's mother's blog, and saw that it was published nearly two years ago. I have no idea what prompted the recent sharing of the photo on social media, but as with many photos, this one has become controversial.

I can almost understand the dislike some have for the photo. Almost. The mom has reenacted the part of Snow White's story where she took a bite of a bewitched apple and fell asleep, appearing dead.

But really. It's an adorable photo, perfectly composed and totally adorable. And as we know, Snow White wasn't deceased — rather, she was in a state of suspended animation and was awakened later in the story when those carrying her glass coffin stumbled and the piece of poisoned apple dislodged from her throat.

What a clever mama. The photo is sweet and she did a good job.

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