False Pregnancy And Bizarre Results

An Indonesian woman gave birth, which isn't unusual. But what she says emerged from her body certainly is.

Gecko birth

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A woman in Indonesia has claimed to have given birth to a baby gecko, her third "child." Medical teams are reported to be investigating it, but how unusual is it that, in modern times, such a case is brought our attention?

Historical medicine, modernized

I admit it — I'm kind of a geek about unusual medical stories. I have a few books on this topic. They are collections of incidents and findings that have happened over the course of history, and at least one of those books outlines cases where women claim to have given birth to non-human babies. Of course, these stories are not true (human beings can only give birth to human beings,) but as with all unusual medical cases, I found it fascinating. And finding what may be a modern-day equivalent is nothing short of amazing.

I first stumbled across this story on Rocket News 24's English-language version of a news blog that includes what they deem "strange" news. Even though the story reads well, I was skeptical — you can't be too careful of what you find on the internet because so many "news" outlets have turned to satire and often read like real news stories.

However, a brief internet search found something similar on National Geographic Indonesia, and through the Google translator, it seems to be the same story.

Hello, gecko!

The basic premise of this tale is that a woman named Debi Nubatonis appeared to be in her eighth month of pregnancy when she went into labor. She summoned a midwife because she was too far from a hospital, but instead of delivering a baby, a cute little gecko popped out. She, the midwife and her new "baby" were hustled to the nearest hospital for examination, and an investigative team has been dispatched to find out what is really going on.

The Chief Medical Officer contends that what Nubatonis experienced was likely a phantom pregnancy, but nobody is exactly sure where the gecko came from. While the truth may be unpleasant to contemplate, it was probably a hoax and was placed there by his "mom."

Still, interesting and a bit bizarre — and there's your weird news for the day.

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