Vacation With Baby Like A Pro

There's no need to stay home all summer if you're the parents of a newborn. Just make sure you're prepared before you go — then hit the road!
Mom and baby on flight
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Streamline your luggage

Whether you're flying, driving or taking a cruise, packing all of Baby's accoutrements like his pack-and-play, stroller, swing and car seat can take up a lot of space and may cost you more to tote along. When booking hotel rooms or ship cabins, inquire as to whether they can provide your room with a crib or pack-and-play. Consider leaving behind the stroller and only packing the carrier. If you're going to visit friends or family, ask what baby equipment they can round up (or borrow from friends) to use during your stay.

Pack more than enough supplies for Baby

During travel, a newborn may drink more than usual as the sucking can be comforting for him during a new experience like a first-time flight or long road travel. If you're flying, come prepared with a nursing apron for breastfeeding. If you're on a long drive, be prepared to make more stops than usual as you may need to pull over to nurse or give Baby a bottle.

Along with milk, it's important to have plenty of wipes, diapers, changes of clothes and an extra layer — even though it's hot outside, airplane cabins are often kept chilly; or you may like the air conditioning in your car blasting, but it could be too much for baby. Don't forget all-important essentials like a favorite blankie, lovey, pacifier, rattles and soft toys to keep Baby entertained.

Consider when you go

Scheduling your travel time appropriately can make all the difference between a happy baby and a cranky one. If motion helps Baby fall asleep, arrange your travel time around nap or bedtime so Baby can sleep through much of the duration of the trip. If he's not one for sleeping anywhere but his crib, plan the travel after a long nap and meal so he's full, rested and in a good mood.

When you get there

When you arrive at your destination, make an effort to keep Baby's schedule for eating, napping and sleeping largely intact. Plan breaks between activities so Baby (and you!) can have some down time.

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