Explore The Outdoors

You don't have to — in fact you shouldn't — wait until Baby gets older to introduce him to the wonderful world around him. Raise a lover of nature starting now.
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Play outside

There are so many tactile experiences for a new baby that happen outside. Think about the impact of a warm breeze, soft sand, moist grass or cool water — all the joys of nature that are right outside your front door. Instead of keeping Baby cooped up inside, begin enjoying the outdoors in his infancy so he'll feel at home in nature as he grows.

Go to a park... and beyond

If you're not a big nature enthusiast yourself, start with the basics. Take Baby for walks around your neighborhood or a to a nearby park or local zoo.

Once you've mastered trips to the park, playing all day in a grassy field or frolicking on a sandy beach, camping with your baby can also be a fun outdoor experience for the whole family. If you're into hiking, strap Baby into a safe carrier (the Kelty Kids line has a variety of metal-framed, five-point harness kid carriers for this very occasion) and set off on an adventure.

Provide your baby with a proper sleeping environment such as a pack-and-play so that he does not wander out of the tent in the middle of the night. And pack plenty of extra food, water, diapers and clothing so you're prepared for anything. (I always packed way more than we needed when we camped with our babies — I'd rather come home with extras than be stuck in the woods without enough diapers!)

While it's important to ensure Baby is safe outdoors, you shouldn't be afraid of taking her into a natural environment for some back-to-basics fun. In a world where even two-year-olds (and younger!) have access to games and cartoons via their parents' iPhones, tablets, laptops and TVs, it's never a bad idea to balance that out with a big helping of nature.

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