Show It Off Or Cover It Up?

Nearly any pregnant woman will tell you that she was elated the moment that her bump "popped" — going from what could be misconstrued as a pudgy belly into a beautifully round tummy that announced "baby on board." Regardless of that proud feeling, are you the kind of mama-to-be to rock a bare bump? When it comes to how you style your belly, the choice is yours.
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Dress as you normally would

When you're pregnant, there is no need to dress vastly different from the style you rocked pre-pregnancy. There is a maternity style for nearly every mother-to-be's taste, so you should have no trouble mimicking your pre-pregnancy style in your maternity wardrobe.

Wear what you like

That said, pregnancy is a fun time to try styles you might never normally wear. A tunic with leggings? Why not? A form-fitted tank with perfectly stretchy maternity skinny jeans? Sure! Don't be afraid to step outside of the box when it comes to dressing your bump.

Don't hide it

Unless you're not ready to reveal your big news, don't feel the need to conceal your baby bump in oversized ensembles. A pregnant belly is a beautiful thing at any stage, and so many clothing styles complement the curves of an expectant mother. Remember that loose-fitting clothing can often drown out your shape, making you look bigger. If you're self-conscious about your bump or new-found curves — which you shouldn't be, just sayin' — try a more form-fitting style to see how the cuts of maternity clothing fit your new shape. You might be surprised at how much you enjoy "showing off" your growing bump!

Bikini or one-piece?

Swimsuit season is upon us and making it through the entire summer without cooling your pregnant body in a pool or at the beach is a serious feat — I know from experience. Don't even try it. If you didn't like swimsuit shopping before housing a beach ball on your middle, you may not love the idea of baring your bump in a two-piece. Try a tankini or one-piece instead. For those braver mamas, rock your bodacious bump in a two-piece. Maternity clothing, as all fashion should be, is best when you feel comfortable and like the way you look in what you are wearing — regardless of what anyone else thinks.

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