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Nobody wants to feed their child mold, so Capri Sun is taking steps to produce juice pouches with a see-through bottom.

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If you've seen the reports circulating about parents finding mold in juice boxes and pouches, you may be wondering if the next one you give your toddler might be chock full of the disgusting substance. Capri Sun, the makers of popular pouch drinks, is now taking steps to alleviate the fears of parents everywhere by producing pouches with see-through bottoms.

Ugh, mold!

It's really a disgusting thought. Your little one pokes a straw in a juice box or pouch, and instead of sucking up juice, he gets mold instead. I won't post any links here, but a quick Google search can bring up photos guaranteed to turn your stomach.

While experts say that this particular type of mold isn't dangerous to consume (yuk!), there are concerns that if mold can grow inside a box or pouch, then there is the potential for other things to get inside that can hurt your child, such as bacterial contamination. Regardless of whether it's safe to drink or not, there is no way I'd be happy if my kid drank a bunch of moldy juice.

Capri Sun is doing the right thing

Overall, Capri Sun isn't known for being a particularly healthy drink, as most of its varieties are "fruit juice blends" with high fructose corn syrup among its top ingredients. However, they do have a 100 percent fruit juice line that moms and dads may turn to for their toddlers, so the addition of a clear bottom is sure to ease the concerns that you may have. It may drive sales up for the company, too, as parents might now look past the boxed juices and snag a package of Capri Sun that they can look inside instead.

Have you ever found something weird or disgusting in a juice box or pouch? Would you be more likely to buy juice if the container has a clear bottom?

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