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A couple became a family in an unexpected way, as the new dad had to pull over on an interstate to help his wife have their baby.

Baby born on side of highway

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First pregnancies usually end in long labors, but for one Chicago-area mom, her first labor went so fast they had to pull over on the side of the highway because her baby girl couldn't wait.

First-time mom

Labor began at home for Liz Shishkoff, and her doctor recommended staying home as long as possible because first-time moms can have long labors. However, just 20 minutes later, she decided that she needed to go in, so the couple piled in the car and headed to the hospital.

In a mere 10 minutes, she tells her husband, Ray, that she thinks that it will happen soon and they may need to pull over. The contraction ended, and she reports that she feels better and they'll be fine. However, when the next contraction started, she knew she could wait no longer, and they pulled over on the side of I-88.

The couple says that by the time Dad called 911, the baby was already crowning, and before emergency personnel arrived, their baby girl was being welcomed by her parents.

The paramedics report that the new dad did a fabulous job keeping calm, and both the baby girl and her mother were in good health. They were transported to a local hospital, and the baby, named Charlotte River, was weighed in at a healthy seven pounds.

Fast labor and delivery

As I always wonder when I read these stories, why did I not have the fortune of having a quick labor and delivery? Even my fourth labor seemed to take a long time, and lasted longer than my third labor and delivery — I had almost convinced myself that she'd just "pop" out, instead of taking so long they threatened to send me home during a Christmas Eve blizzard. Yes, really.

How fast were your labors?

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