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Party planner extraordinaire Sunny Ravanbach of White Lilac Events is sharing her tips for throwing the ultimate First Birthday Party for your babe. From popular birthday themes to kid-friendly food ideas, get helpful tips for throwing a memorable baby birthday bash.

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Looking to take your baby's first birthday party to the next level? We've snagged some great party planning tips from Sunny Ravanbach of White Lilac Events.

Learn how to handle tricky baby birthday issues like navigating naptimes and serving food that's toddler-friendly, yet still appealing to adults.

Oh yeah, and check out her drool-worthy party photos for inspiration. These should totally get pinned to your Pinterest board for Baby's First Birthday (you know you have one).

SheKnows Pregnancy & Baby: Tell us, what are some popular first-birthday party themes you are seeing this year?

Sunny Ravanbach: Inspiration is everywhere when it comes to planning a first birthday party: a child's favorite book, color, movie, song — really, anything goes! For a first birthday, colors have been a big hit because developmentally, children of this age are going to be drawn to things with larger visual impact and contrast and not so much with smaller details.

White Lilac Events: Parisian theme partyP&B: What’s your personal favorite theme?

SR: Personally, our favorite themes have been the ones that allow us to create an environment to whisk the guests away, if only by imagination. Parisian- and Moroccan-inspired themes provide so many ways to customize an event, from colors to flowers to furnishings!

P&B: Over-the-top or low-key: What do most new parents prefer when planning their baby’s first birthday?

SR: This really depends on culture. For example, in the Korean culture, first birthdays are a huge celebration that can definitely go over the top. However, most parents will want to to do something a bit more intimate at their home but still have decor that is over the top.

P&B: What time should you plan a baby birthday party to avoid it conflicting with toddler nap times?

SR: Plan on having guests over about 45 minutes to 1 hour after your baby usually wakes up from her mid-morning nap. This way, she will have time to get acclimated from the nap and be able to be the center of attention when guests arrive. Of course, we are all at the mercy of the child's internal clock, so be flexible as well. Guests will understand if the birthday boy/girl oversleeps or is a little grumpy. It's her party and she'll sleep if she wants to!

White Lilac Events: Ombre cake

P&B: What are some baby-friendly foods that can be served at a birthday party where there’s a combination of parents and toddlers?

SR: Definitely present some of your child's favorite foods in easy, kid-friendly servings. For the adults, simply vary the preparation using some of the same ingredients. For example, if your child loves grapes and apples, have small cups of fruit for kids to grab, and for the adults, serve a Waldorf salad incorporating the same fruits.

There are also foods that will please everyone. You can take peanut butter and jelly sandwiches up a notch by using cookie cutters to cut them into fun shapes and serve them on a platter for everyone. Servings of fresh fruit and veggies with a variation of hummus and dressings for dip is also a crowd pleaser for all ages

P&B: Smash cake vs. cupcakes: What type of dessert do you recommend for a first birthday party?

SR: We love both! It's really special to have a smash cake for that adorable photo opportunity, and it would be perfect to include cupcakes with a similar design for guest favors or for the dessert table.

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