Easter Basket For The Momma-To-Be

From chocolate-covered bunnies and marshmallow Peeps to luxe Easter brunches, Easter is a foodie holiday that was made for pregnant women. Just because your bun is still in the oven doesn't mean you can't indulge in a few Easter treats just for you.

Easter treats for pregnant women

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If you're having morning sickness

One of my favorite things about Easter is all the tasty treats that comes with the holiday. But if you're still in the throes of first-trimester morning sickness, the last thing you're probably looking forward to is a big Easter brunch. Instead, pick up a bag of these adorable bunny-shaped pretzels during your next Target shopping run to help calm your queasy tummy. The pretzels are a seasonal Market Pantry item, so look for them by the other Easter treats. (Target, $3)

Bunny shaped pretzels


If you're craving different foods

Somewhere during your pregnancy you'll find yourself having inexplicable cravings for the most random things. Instead of forcing your baby daddy to drive all over town in search of your latest food craving, pick up a bag of gourmet jelly beans. With 41 gourmet flavors like Ice Cream Cake and Tiramisu, you're bound to find one to satisfy your preggo craving. There's no pickle flavor though; you're on your own there. (Gimbals Fine Candies, price varies)

Easter basket idea


If you're a coffee lover

As a coffee fiend, quitting cold turkey on my java fix was super difficult when I was pregnant. I made fast friends with tasty teas as an alternative. This little Easter egg tin is filled with mint chocolate rooibos tea. Not only is it a decadent dessert-like flavor, but rooibos tea is naturally caffeine-free. Sip on it during Easter brunch while everyone else is downing coffee. (DavidsTea, $5)

Mint Chocolate Rooibos Easter Egg


If you're having aches & pains

Growing a baby can take a toll on your body, and muscle soreness is common. Indulge in a warm bath after spending the holiday with family. This bunch of carrots will fill the bathtub with scented bubbles. A great option for an Easter basket. (LUSH, $13)

Easter basket idea


If you're nesting

If you've hit the point in your pregnancy where you want to clean and get your home in order, you'll love this sweet Easter Candy Birdhouse. And, since it will be one of the last times you get to do a craft by yourself before baby comes, enjoy making it as cute as can be (because, seriously, have you seen the crazy gingerbread house designs little kids make?). (Target, $10)

Easter basket idea

Note: I received free samples of the Market Pantry bunny shaped pretzels, Gimbal's Gourmet Jelly Beans and the Birdhouse Candy Decorating Kit for the purposes of review. All opinions are my own.

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