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Planning for a new baby can be environmentally friendly if you make just a few changes.

Breastfeeding baby

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When you first discover you're pregnant, you soon begin planning for your baby. This includes buying essential supplies, like diapers, and once you're a new mom, you may be surprised at how quickly you and your baby go through your baby shower gifts. It can seem like planning for a new baby isn't very environmentally friendly, but good news — there are a few changes that you can make to lower your impact on the resources of the earth.

Feeding Baby

Breastfeeding is a good choice for many reasons, and reducing waste is one of those. There are no bottles to buy, no formula cans to deal with, and if your baby gets full, you don't have to empty your breasts out into the sink. But even if you're unable to breastfeed (or if you simply don't want to), you can reduce waste in a few ways, like not buying premade formula which requires more packaging, and making small amounts of formula at a time and making more when needed instead of having to throw away what your baby doesn't finish.

Diapering Baby

Diapers are essential, and newborns can go through so many that you'll have a large pile of dirty diapers to throw away in just a short amount of time. Cloth diapering is an obvious choice — nothing goes to the landfill if you use reusable diapers. Some situations are not ideal for cloth, however; but the modern mom can choose from a wide range of options, such as compostable disposable diapers, or a cloth hybrid system with disposable inserts like gDiapers, where you can actually flush the disposable inserts down the toilet by following directions.

Going out with Baby

You can also reduce your carbon footprint by changing the way you and your baby go out and about. Instead of hopping into your personal vehicle, walk if you can (invest in a quality baby carrier, like a Boba 4G, to make carrying her comfortable and easy).

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