Celebrate Easter With Your Little One

When baby is a newborn, Easter isn't that much fun for him. But as a crawling or walking little explorer, this Sunday holiday is chock full of fun.
Baby about to eat a chocolate Easter bunny
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Gauge his interest in the big bunny

Like Santa, the Easter Bunny visit isn't for every baby. Some may recoil in horror at the sheer size of the costumed rabbit while others may love the thought of snuggling up on his lap for a photo opp. You know your baby best so you can determine whether or not a visit to the Easter Bunny is on the agenda this year. If you're not sure how Baby will feel about taking pictures with the Bunny, scope out a display at your local mall to see how Baby reacts to seeing the Bunny from afar — and go from there.

Age-appropriate egg hunt

Once Baby is crawling or walking, an egg hunt is a total adventure. You don't even have to hide anything inside the plastic eggs, as anything small enough to fit inside them could also pose a choking hazard for Baby. Hide the eggs in safe places within a small baby-proofed area either outside or within your home — and don't hide them "too well" so Baby can find them without getting frustrated and melting down.

Don't give Baby too much Easter candy

You could give Baby a giant chocolate bunny like the picture suggests. But we don't recommend it, as we don't think anyone will benefit from that much chocolate, particularly a baby. Though candy is typically an Easter basket find, we suggest you swap out candy for a soft stuffed bunny that your little one can cuddle with, along with some small rattles, teething rings or handheld musical toys.

Easter celebrations

When attending Easter church services or hosting Easter celebrations, consider Baby's nap and feeding schedules. Try to arrange plans around those so that you can ensure a happy baby during the event. A tired and/or hungry baby is a cranky one — and that puts a damper on everyone's Easter fun. Community centers and churches often host fun Easter hunts and activities for kids of all ages, so check your neighborhood's local happenings, as well.

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