Relax About Putting Baby To Bed

You'd think when baby goes down to sleep, you'd be able to take your mom hat off for a few hours and relax. But many new moms tend to worry even more when their babies drift off to dreamland. We put to rest some of your scariest sleep fears.
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Sniffles, snores and other sounds

Babies often snore or sniffle as they sleep because their nasal airways are rather narrow in their early life. Sometimes their sleep noises can be caused by excess saliva that they have yet to swallow. As they grow, they'll learn to swallow it in their sleep, so those noises should subside. You can also prevent snoring or sniffling noises by clearing his nasal passages before bed by holding him in a warm shower or utilizing a humidifier in his nursery. Older babies also tend to make gurgling noises as they sleep when they are teething and thus producing more saliva.


Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is a frightening phenomenon to new parents. There are some things you can do to lessen Baby's risk, however, such as putting him on his back to sleep; preventing him from overheating by not using too many layers of pajamas and blankets; and putting him to bed in a crib without a pillow, stuffed animals, crib bumpers or padding. If you go in to check on Baby and he has turned over on his stomach, don't freak out — simply reposition him on his back.

Night terrors

These cries and whines may seem like Baby is having a bad dream, but those don't generally occur until after Baby has been asleep for several hours, whereas night terrors tend to occur in the first two to three hours that your baby is asleep. Even if Baby's eyes are open, she's not actually awake during a night terror and will not recall the episode in the morning.

It's okay to check if baby's breathing

As a new mom, I would sneak into my babies' rooms countless times a night and rest my hand gently on their tiny bodies to feel them breathe. It put me at ease, so I totally understand the need to check on your baby in the night. There is really no reason that you should deprive yourself of doing so if it gives you peace of mind. But checking on Baby shouldn't keep you up at night.

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