Crash Leaves Baby Without Parents

A tragic accident in China left a newborn without a mom and dad, but he was able to survive the crash that killed his parents.

Newborn baby

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With just a few scratches and bruises, a newborn baby in China is without parents, but his unusual birth and survival is being deemed a miracle after he was born when his pregnant mother and his father were involved in a fatal motorcycle accident. This story is both sad and hopeful at the same time.

A tragic motorcycle accident

The baby's mother, still pregnant, was headed to the hospital for delivery with her husband. They were riding on a motorcycle, which is a common mode of transportation in China, when they were struck by a truck. Unfortunately, traffic accidents are common in China because road and traffic conditions are dangerous, even if you're not rushing to the hospital to deliver a baby.

There are two conflicting reports about what happened next.

Some witnesses claim that the baby was forcibly ejected from his mother's womb and others say that the baby was delivered shortly after the accident. Either way, the baby was found nearly 10 feet away from his mother when authorities arrived, which might support the claims that he was ejected. Trying to seriously contemplate what had to happen for this to take place is upsetting, as I can imagine the experience was upsetting for everyone who witnessed it.

Both parents were found deceased, but the baby was in surprisingly good health for the ordeal he went through. The baby's name is Zhao and he weighed 9 pounds at birth. He is currently at a local hospital and is expected to recover. Extended family members plan to raise him.

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