Dry Those Tears

Listening to the non-stop earsplitting cries of your newborn is enough to break any new mom's heart and enough drive her a little nuts, too. While there is no magic trick to make colic go away entirely, there are some solutions to help soothe Baby through this tough time.

Mom holding crying baby

Chill out

It sounds impossible to try to relax while your baby is in the throes of what sounds like torture. But your anxiety doesn't make the situation any easier — for either of you — and you could even inadvertently pass your stress on to your baby. Instead of freaking out and having a meltdown when you're at your wits' end, make sure Baby is in a safe place, like his crib, and then go take a breather (or cry your eyeballs out for a few minutes) in another room.

Try the art of distraction

If you've tried rocking or bouncing Baby for hours on end without success, try going outside for a walk with Baby in a carrier or strapping him into his car seat and going for a drive. The motion, or simply the change of pace, may help soothe him or maybe even help lull him to sleep.

Talk to your doctor about natural remedies

When reading up on natural or homemade remedies, you may be tempted to try every concoction that promises to ease Baby's colic. But think twice before you do. Talk to your baby's pediatrician about remedies — either homemade or over-the-counter — to find out if they really will soothe Baby's colic.

Use the right bottle

For many newborns, colic can be associated with painful gas caused by swallowing excess air bubbles. A bottle designed to reduce or eliminate air bubbles from traveling through the nipple when baby drinks, such as Munchkin's new LATCH Bottle with an anti-colic valve at the bottom, can be worth its weight in gold. Don't be afraid to experiment with different bottle brands, styles or nipples to see what works for your baby.

Be noisy

Whether you use a white noise machine (while taking caution to moderate the volume level) or simply turn on the blow dryer or vacuum cleaner, background noise can sometimes be the trick to calming Baby out of his colicky jag. Some women swear by the noise of the dishwasher or the washing machine — whatever ambient noise your home appliances make may be the key to a calm, quiet afternoon. It's worth a try — at the very least, you'll get some household chores done.

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