Mom Stops Runaway Car With Quick Thinking

A mom's twin toddlers were strapped in their car seats when the car began to roll away. She saves them — by becoming a speed bump.

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If your toddlers were strapped in their car seats and your car began to roll away, what would you do? For Mindy Tran, 22, the answer was perfectly clear — fling herself down on the ground so the car would run over her, thereby creating a human speed bump of sorts. Wow.

Speed bump mama

When disaster strikes, we never really can predict how we will react. And when a mother's children are in danger, she will do whatever it takes to help keep them from harm's way. Tran, who lives in Massachusetts, made a quick decision and immediately sacrificed her own body as her Honda Accord began rolling away with her daughters inside, strapped into their car seats.

A neighbor was able to get them out safely and Tran was whisked away to the hospital, where it was revealed that she suffered a dislocated shoulder and hip as well as a broken leg. Her 2-year-old twin daughters were uninjured and their car was also undamaged.

The family of three had recently moved into their own apartment after living in a shelter. The girls had recently started in a new day care and Tran felt that they were starting a new chapter in their lives. Unfortunately, she will need to have surgery and may be in the hospital for a few weeks, but family members are arranging for a birthday party for the girls to take place with their mother in the hospital.

I have heard of many situations where mothers rescue their children and everyone knows that adrenaline can make you stronger than you ever thought possible. I must say, however, that this is the first time I've heard of a mom fashioning herself into a human speed bump.

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