Take Some Shortcuts

When you're a new parent, you don't need the stress of doing everything perfectly — you need some shortcuts to get you through those tough moments! We've got you covered with easy ways to master parenthood.

Dad giving baby a bottle

1. Baby bath visor

Bathing baby can be a chore if he doesn't like water on his face. Avoid letting water or shampoo get into his eyes with a baby bath visor that allows the water to run off his head away from his face. You can score one on Amazon for less than $3.

2. Frozen pacis

Freeze pacifers into an ice tray filled with water or breastmilk to help soothe teething infant's sore gums.

3. Gloves filled with beans

A gentle touch from Mom or Dad is sometimes all Baby needs to fall asleep — but when you take that hand away, does baby automatically wake up? Solve this problem by filling a soft glove with dry beans, then sewing the opening closed so the beans don't escape. When Baby falls asleep to your touch, simply replace your hand with the "weighted" glove so baby still feels the gentle pressure of a "hand."

4. Medicine in paci

If you're having a hard time getting baby to swallow medicine from a dropper, widen the hole in his pacifier, then put the tip of the medicine dropper into the open end of the pacifier so it just meets the hole at the end of the nipple. Most babies will recognize the pacifier as a comforting item, but won't notice the fact that he's taking in the medicine.

5. Laundry basket in bathtub

When baby is old enough to sit up, put him and his bath toys in a plastic laundry bin in the bathtub so that his toys will always be in reach.

6. Soothe Baby's cough

New parents should be weary about giving baby cough medicine, but it's tough to stand by and do nothing while baby hacks all night long. Solve this dilemma by by rubbing Vick's Vapor Rub on his feet then covering them with socks.

7. Put your bathrobe on over your clothes

Working moms, listen up! If you don't want your office attire covered in baby food, spit up or worse, put a bathrobe on over your work clothes in the morning while you get baby ready for the day. Just don't forget to ditch the robe before you head out of the house!

8. Set up a changing station in the bathroom

In addition to putting a changing table in Baby's nursery, considering adding a diapering station in the bathroom for quick changes throughout the day and before or after bath time.

9. Surround Baby with noise

Instead of silencing your entire house (and the rest of your family) for Baby's nap and night time routines, allow Baby to get used to falling asleep amid background noise. This will make it much easier for you to help Baby fall asleep if you find yourself in a situation where everything isn't perfectly quiet.

10. Dim her room

Using a dimmer switch in Baby's room is ideal to set the mood for nap time and night time. It also allows you to keep the lights low while feeding and changing Baby in the night, making it easier to get him back down.

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