First Valentine's Day

Wondering what to dress your little love bug in for Cupid's holiday? Check out these sweet baby outfit ideas for Valentine's Day.

Dapper Dude

Perfect for pint-sized hipsters, your little man will be the most stylish babe in your playgroup with this suspender onesie (

Valentine's outfit for baby boy


Be Mine

A sweet saying and a red tutu outfit (, $22). A classic Valentine's look for baby girl. Not only will your daughter look adorable, the leggings are attached to the tutu which means diaper changes will be easier. A win for mom.

Valentine's Day outfit for baby girl


You float my boat

Valentine's outfits for boys can sometimes be a little tricky -- especially if you don't want to dress him in something with hearts. This You Float My Boat T-shirt is perfect for a Valentine's Day playdate (, $10).

Valentine's t-shirt for baby boy



Temperatures have been freezing this winter. Keep your little heartbreaker warm with a long-sleeve bodysuit (, $5).

Valentine's Day baby outfit


Beyond V-Day

For an outfit that will work past the designated day of love check out this adorable first crush graphic top (, $25). The hot coral hue is right on trend for spring.

Valentine's Day outfit idea for baby


For a photo opp

Milestone stickers have been popular with new parents as a way to document baby's growth each month. Now parents are starting to use them to also capture baby's first holidays (, $14). Bonus: A sticker is a much cheaper option than splurging on a whole outfit just for one day.

Valentine's Day sticker

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