Blessing Or Burden?

A surprise pregnancy — whether it's your first or your fourth baby! — can really throw you for a loop. But coping has a lot to do with attitude.

Surprised woman holding pregnancy test

Take a breather

Even if you're trying to conceive, finding out you're actually pregnant is a big pill to digest. So allow yourself some time to think when you discover you're — surprise! — pregnant before you tell your partner or make any major decisions.

Be real

When you do decide to share the news with your partner, have an open, honest conversation about how to move forward. And don't hold each others' true feelings against one another. You may be (pleasantly) surprised to discover your partner thinks a baby on the way is fantastic news! Go over your finances and the realities of how adding a baby will chance your current situation. This may be the first of many conversations you'll have before coming to terms with your next step.

Consider your options

If your lifestyle is truly unfit for a baby and you decide to give your baby up for adoption, remember that this is an admirable choice. There are many couples longing to become parents and your decision to give up your baby could ultimately end up making another person's dreams come true. It may be a good idea to speak to your lawyer about your options and rights if you determine this is the path for you.

Have a change of heart

Even if pregnancy was never part of your life plan, bringing a baby into this world can change your life in the most amazing ways possible. It's never easy but the rewards far outweigh the challenges. You may discover that an unplanned pregnancy was truly a blessing in disguise.

Talk to a counselor

Speaking to a third party about your feelings and even your options can help you sort through all the confusion, fear and maybe even excitement. If you and your partner are on different pages about your plans moving forward, some non-biased may help you meet in the middle.

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