World’S First Birth From Womb Transplant

Nine womb transplants have taken place in Sweden in recent years, and one woman is nearly ready to give birth to the first baby as a result of such a transplant.

Mom with baby

Human tissue and medicine are amazing. If part of your body is damaged — or never formed in the first place — you may be able to get a new one. With advancements in technology, you can potentially add that damaged or missing body part from another person and have a good chance, with excellent medical care, that it will work properly. For nine women in Sweden, this meant receiving a transplanted uterus, with one of those women nearly ready to give birth.

New womb from Mom

Between September 2012 and April 2013, nine women underwent a pioneering uterus transplant surgery. Eight of the women had been born with a genetic condition that prevented the womb from developing, while the ninth woman had lost hers as a result of cervical cancer. Each uterus transplant was happily successful, with only minor complications.

Now, one of the women is due to give birth and doctors report that the uterus she received was from her own mother, making this birth another first — the baby will be the first born to a woman using the same womb from which she herself emerged.

Each woman in this particular study has intact ovaries and can produce eggs, which means that they can conceive a baby using in vitro fertilization. The mom who is due to give birth soon achieved pregnancy this way. Even for those who are not currently pregnant, the procedure has been life-changing, as they are excited to have periods “like a normal woman.”


Women worldwide are following these cases very closely. For women born without a uterus, many had little hope that they would ever be able to carry their own child. Now they have hope, and with more research and continued positive results, this procedure may begin to take place in other countries.

I'm very excited about this news and thrilled that it’s giving hope to would-be moms around the world.

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