Keeping Busy When The Weather Is Poor

This time of the year can lead to big-time cabin fever. Fortunately, there are ways you can keep busy with your toddler, even if you can’t go outside and play.

Winter house

We are at the meteorological midpoint of winter, which is good news for moms who love spring. It will be here eventually, right? But, now that the holidays are over, many moms with toddlers are tired of the cold and the snow and are ready to get back outside to play, feeling eternally cooped up in the house. Are you going stir crazy too?

Destroy your living room

Being indoors can be hard enough without having to deal with a huge mess, but trust me on this one. Toddlers love building things with couch cushions, furniture and blankets, so let her go wild! Create forts, build an obstacle course or just let her go crazy and jump all of her energy out. At the end of the day, make it another game to clean it all up. Will she go for it? The play, yes. The cleanup? Maybe not.

Go on a picnic

You’re not going to go outside in below-freezing temps to have a picnic, but make a date to have a meal or a snack in a room other than the dining room or kitchen as a fun, indoor winter activity. Spread out a blanket and serve foods like fruit kabobs and finger sandwiches. Keep an open mind about messes or, at least, eat in a room that doesn't have a nice rug or carpeting. Bon appetit!

Hit the mall

You may be trying to avoid public spaces to keep germs at bay, but I’ve found that if you go to public areas first thing when they open, you’re less likely to run into other people. If your mall has a play area, go check it out, and even if it doesn't, just having some wide, open space to let your kiddos toddle around freely can be a great way to burn off a bunch of excess energy. And, if you have a stroller or baby carrier, she can wear herself out and then snooze while you get in some retail therapy — win-win!

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