Do We Really Need All These Parenting Styles?

I was reading an article the other day about the types of parenting methods, and I felt like I was reading a map at the zoo — kangaroo, dolphin, tiger, eagle. Yes, there are many types of methods to decipher, but we suggest you follow your instincts.

Mom snuggling with baby


Much like a baby Joey hangs out in her mother's pouch while mama takes care of everything, the kangaroo method of parenting is defined by being super-protective of your child and even doing everything for them.


Tiger parenting refers to an ultra-strict approach to parenting where tough love reigns supreme. Roar!


Dolphins love to frolic and play and this method refers to moms and dads who parent from a place of fun, playfulness and sociability.


The ostrich style of parenting refers to parents who let their kids have free-reign and don't pay attention to (or admit to!) their child's needs or issues. Instead this parent does as an ostrich does and buries her head in the sand.


An eagle parent helps their child learn the basics. Then the eagle parent stands back and lets their offspring spread their wings and fly.

What type of parenting works for you?

There is certainly no shortage of parenting books outlining endless parenting styles. And we're certain that each has its admirable attributes. However, we feel strongly that following your parental intuition is perhaps more important than sticking to the script of one particular parenting style.

Instead of deciding what "type" of parent you want to be, we suggest that you keep an open mind and follow your heart when it comes to how you chose to raise your child. By all means, read up and take pieces of advice that speak to you from any number of parenting methods. Most importantly, parenting from a place of love, compassion and understanding of your child will create an incredible bond with your baby.

What do you think about parenting methods? Do you stick to a certain "style" or are you a "free range" parent, picking and choosing different methods from various styles?

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