This Too Shall Pass, Right?

The newborn stage is fleeting, but when you're in the moment, it can seem endless. There are definitely some things you won't miss about the newborn stage...

Newborn with colic


Handling colic might just be the hardest part of new parenthood. Not being able to soothe your newborn during his (often very long) crying jags is enough to bring even the most stoic mother to her knees. Luckily, in most cases, the colicky stage ends by the time baby is 4 months old. Granted, those four months will seem like forever while they are happening, making you feel so grateful when the colic stage finally comes to an end.

Figuring out breastfeeding

Breastfeeding a newborn can be tricky business. Between trying to figure out the correct (and most comfortable) position to hold baby and how to get her to latch on properly, the first few weeks of breastfeeding can be totally exhausting and sometimes painful! But, before long, you and baby will get your groove and you'll be a breastfeeding pro. Have a little patience and don't give up — you'll get the hang of it!

Mixed up nights and days

Many newborns have their days and nights mixed up upon birth so they sleep a ton during the day, but are up all night. Yawn. To try to help ease baby into the proper sleep and awake patterns, don't let his daytime naps extend beyond three-hour stretches and when he wakes in the night, avoid turning on bright lights to feed and change him. Keep the lights dim, put on some soothing music and try lulling him back to sleep.

The super-fragile stage

When my first born arrived, I carried him around like a Fabergé egg. And, don't even get me started on his soft-spot. If I accidentally brushed over it with my fingers while caressing his sweet head, I would freak out. Thank goodness, after a few weeks, he gained a few pounds and made me feel a little less like I might "break" him. Phew. So glad that newborn stage is over!

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