Get Well, Baby

This is the time of year when little ones tend to get hit with a cold or the flu. But if baby gets sick over the holiday, don't let it ruin the celebration.

Sick baby

Take baby to the doctor

First and foremost, take baby to the doctor — especially if she has a high fever, isn't eating or drinking, is throwing up, hasn't gone potty as she normally does (or has diarrhea), is super lethargic or isn't acting like her normal self. Trust your parenting instincts on this one, Moms!

Cancel your plans

Once you've taken baby to the doctor and he has determined the level of baby's sickness, cancel your holiday party plans. Explain that baby is sick and possibly contagious. Loved ones and friends will be disappointed that your family won't be able to join in on the holiday festivities, but they will understand that helping baby restore her health is the most important thing right now.

Let the sitter off the hook

Even after you've taken baby to the doctor and have her on an antibiotic or medication to control the cold, you shouldn't leave baby in the care of another person who could potentially catch her cold or sickness. Ask your baby's pediatrician if baby is contagious, and for how long after starting the antibiotics. If you had plans to have a sitter watch your baby during the period that she is still contagious, cancel them.

Celebrate at home

Christmas isn't all about big parties, fighting the crowds and getting the perfect gift — it's about love, family and togetherness. You can still celebrate those things! Hunker down with your partner, your little sick one and enjoy a low-key Christmas celebration while helping your baby get better. Lots of cuddles, rocking and singing (Christmas) songs are in order, too.

Reschedule holiday plans

Whether you had planned to visit relatives or friends on Christmas or go see a special holiday light display, reschedule your plans for when baby is feeling better and is no longer contagious. The celebration will be a much more pleasant experience for everyone when you can get together when baby is healthy and well.

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