Let's Talk Turkey

Are you raising a little foodie? We've rounded up 4 organic baby foods with Thanksgiving flavors your baby will love.


Gobble Gobble

Organic baby food for Thanksgiving: HappyBabby Gobble Gobble

Thanksgiving flavors include:

Dark meat turkey, carrots, sweet potato, corn, and onions.

Happy Family is known for their commitment to quality organic baby food. Their Gobble Gobble flavor is a combination of turkey, vegetables and quinoa. It's a heartier baby food with a chunkier consistency for babies who have graduated from pureed baby foods to ones with thicker texture.

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Apple, Turkey, & Cranberry

Thanksgiving-themed baby food

Thanksgiving flavors include:

Apples, ground turkey, and cranberries

Earth's Best organic has a baby food for ages 6 months + with seasonal flavors traditionally enjoyed on Turkey Day. In addition to using USDA organic products with "no growth hormones, antibiotics, steroids or potentially harmful pesticides," there is no added salt or sugar.


Holiday Vegetables with Turkey

Sprouts' baby food for Thanksgiving: Holiday Vegetables with Turkey

Thanksgiving flavors include:

Sweet potatoes, pears, corn, ground turkey, cranberries, and onion puree.

Sprout Food organic baby food has a holiday feast already pre-packaged for baby. The hearty Holiday Vegetables with Turkey entree is for babies ages 8 months + and comes in a microwavable BPA-free pouch. Veggies are combined with fruits for a mildly sweet-tasting meal.

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Pumpkin Pie

Thanksgiving baby food: Healthy Times pumpkin pie

Thanksgiving flavors include:

Pumpkin, pear, cinnamon, ginger, and cardamon.

Even baby can get a sweet ending to her first Thanksgiving feast! Healthy Times Organic Baby Food has a Pumpkin Pie flavor for a seasonal treat for your little one.

Note: Products above may include more ingredients than listed here. Please check the product ingredient list for a full list of items.

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