Faking A Baby Bump

Apparently it's super funny to dress up as a pregnant lady these days. Especially if you're a dude. With hairy legs. Check out these 5 Halloween costumes that have bump envy.

Pregnant nun costume

Apparently this nun has more than just the holy spirit inside. We're not sure what we love about this picture -- the heavy shoes this "nun" is wearing or the expression on the dude's face.

Photo credit: fostersfunshop.com

Pregnant nun Halloween costume


Pregnant school girl

A somewhat refreshing alternative to the overdone "sexy school girl" look, this costume is really only funny because of the hairy legs and glasses the guy is sporting.

Photo credit: 123greetings.com

Pregnant school girl costume


Pregnant cheerleader

And, if just being a regular old pregnant teenage isn't enough, there is always the pregnant cheerleader spin.

Photo credit: sears.com

Pregnant cheerleader costume



Of course, if you're going to poke fun at teenage pregnancy, why not dress up like everyone's favorite pregnant teen? Throw on a striped orange T-shirt, a skirt over jeans, and a hoodie and you too can be Juno. Bonus points if you can find a baby daddy partner who will rock a Bleeker-inspired track suit.

Photo credit: sears.com

Juno costume


Umm...preggo call girl?

So, we're not really sure what this pregnant belly costume is supposed to be. Sure, you can put the pregnant belly under pretty much anything and apparently that's supposed to be hilarious, or you can simply pair it with a short dress and super high heels as seen here and be a sexy pregnant lady...or a pregnant call girl (we're not sure which).

Photo credit: costumecraze.com

Fake pregnant belly

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