For A Halloween Howl...

It seems like cute Halloween costumes for pregnant women are few and far between. Here are 5 costumes that will make you LOL.

Bun in the oven

This costume is a silly play on the cliche pregnancy saying, but if you and your partner have a sense of humor, it could be a funny way to send out a pregnancy announcement picture. Have your baby daddy dress up as a baker and post a picture of your couple costume.

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Bun-in-the-oven Maternity costume


A (sexy?) angel

So it seems like the majority of costumes for women these days have a sexy spin to it. Sexy nurse, sexy police officer, and the ever popular sexy angel. Once you get preggo however, all the sex appeal seems to go out the window. We're not sure if this costume is supposed to be sexy or sweet, but between the feathered halo, lace arms and decidedly not-sexy functional shoes, this costume sure is fun to look at.

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Angel maternity costume


Funny tourist costume

OK, there aren't many maternity costumes for sale so this one at least gets points for accommodating a growing bump and a pregnant woman's swollen feet will love the casual flip-flops with this outfit. But, since some women tend to hang on to baby weight around the hips and thighs post-baby, this outfit could also be an unfortunate preview of what's to come.

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Tourist maternity costume


Pregnant skeleton

Some think this costume is cute. Others find it, well, kind of creepy. What do you think?

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Maternity Halloween t-shirt


Exhausted pregnant chick

Anyone who has experience first trimester fatigue knows how unbelievably tired you feel the first few months of pregnancy. And unless you're crafty and can MacGyver a maternity costume that can fit your bursting belly, it's almost easier to keep things low-profile during Halloween (after all, you'll probably be asleep before the first trick-or-treater even rings the doorbell). If you're feeling like someone lied to you about the elusive "pregnancy glow," then throw on this t-shirt and keep it real.

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Pregnant woman t-shirt

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