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Celebrity lookalikes are nothing new — folks have been impersonating the Beatles and Elvis for decades, and it didn’t start there — but these photos that show lookalikes of new parents Kate Middleton and Prince William are nothing short of amazing.

Royal lookalikes

You’d love to see Kate Middleton and Prince William doing some real family and baby duties, right? For example, bathing together as a family, changing a diaper, hanging out with the queen? Well, you’re in luck — kind of. English photographer Alison Jackson specializes in celebrity photography, only she works with lookalike stand-ins instead of the real thing. In this case, I was totally fooled. This pair looks amazingly like their royal counterparts.

Family life for Prince George

After the baby bump watch and hospital media campout was over, we haven’t heard as much from the famous family. After I read a headline on CNN that Kate had a natural, vaginal birth I was glad to see them drop out of the spotlight a bit. However, although I’m not a royal watcher, it was still neat to read about such a famous woman becoming a mom. It’s got to be incredibly hard being a brand new mother, though, when you’re that well known.

These photos almost make up for it, however. It’s really incredible how much the couple resembles the royal pair. I’m guessing that the girl who stands in for Kate may not look identical to her, based on the exclusive side views and the hair-in-the-face trick. Still, she looks enough like her to make the assumption. The fellow, however, looks amazingly like Prince William.

What would it be like if you were so famous that people pretended to be you, particularly after you started a family? Ms. Jackson doesn’t limit herself to the royal family — a quick glance at her page shows a wide variety of subjects, all with amazing resemblances to their celebrity counterparts. I have to say I was amused at this photo of “Prince William” and a breastfeeding bra — where did they get that thing?

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