Morning Sickness Drug Gets Thumbs Up

Reglan has been used in all stages of pregnancy with no serious complications for the mother or her baby, but moms may be reassured by a recent study that confirmed this.

Reglan and morning sickness

Morning sickness is a horrid thing to experience. Even if your pregnancy is normal and healthy, morning sickness can make it a miserable time in your life. Doctors have long turned to the anti-nausea medication metoclopramid when searching for solutions for their sick patients. Better known by its brand name Reglan, moms may be comforted to know that a recent study found that there is no increase in complications for either her or her unborn child.

The study

A recent study of over 40,000 pregnant women who were exposed to Reglan was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association on October 16, and the results were positive.

"This is by far the largest study on metoclopramide safety in pregnancy, and as such it expands substantially on the published evidence," said co-author Dr. Bjorn Pasternak of the Statens Serum Institute in Copenhagen. "It found that metoclopramide use in pregnancy was not associated with increased risk of major adverse outcomes, including major malformations and fetal death, and as such supports what is known about the safety profile of this drug."

Medications in pregnancy

Many pregnant women hesitate to take medication for fear it will cause birth defects or pregnancy complications. This fear is understandable — when we’re pregnant, we feel that nearly anything we do can and will affect our unborn children. It feels like a huge responsibility. But when we’re sick or in pain, often there are options that can be used that have little to no risk to the baby.

Morning sickness is no joke. I’m glad that there have been multiple studies done on these types of medications that can help women who are suffering greatly. I don’t think anyone takes it because they want to — only because they need to. Hopefully this study will give moms peace of mind if they are prescribed Reglan.

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