Higher BPA Levels, Greater Miscarriage Risk

More bad news about BPA — a recent study has determined that BPA may increase miscarriage risk.

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You're probably familiar with BPA, a chemical that is found in some plastics (including food packaging), that has been banned from baby bottles and sippy cups in the U.S., and banned outright in Canada and and the European Union. It is known to be a health hazard, and even though the Food and Drug Administration hasn’t agreed to ban the substance across the board here in the states, many manufacturers are omitting it from their products. However, it’s still present in some — and a recent study suggests that high levels of the chemical may be tied to a higher miscarriage risk for moms-to-be.

Finding a connection

Researchers recruited 114 pregnant women for their study. They took a sample of their blood, stored it, and tested it for the presence of BPA. They took data on each of the women as well regarding outcome — those who suffered a miscarriage and those who had a live birth.

Each woman’s data was assigned to a group, and the BPA levels were assessed in relation to pregnancy outcome. They found that women who had suffered a loss generally had higher levels of BPA than those who had a live birth, and women in the group with the highest levels of BPA had an 80 percent increased risk.

The researchers involved said that there isn’t enough information to make broad, sweeping changes, but it doesn’t make them feel that BPA is safe — and more studies definitely need to be done.

How to avoid BPA

If you want to avoid BPA, shun plastics that are marked with either a 3 or a 7 on the bottom. Also, avoid putting hot foods or drinks into or onto plastic containers for storage or serving. BPA has also been found in the linings of canned goods. Look for labels that proclaim the product to be BPA free — it’s becoming more common, which is a good thing.

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