Wake Up, We Had
A Baby Girl!

A British mom had no idea she was pregnant, and even more astounding, her boyfriend managed to sleep through her entire surprise delivery.

Newborn baby girl

Nadia Watson woke up with cramps, but soon was overcome with labor pain on her bathroom floor. Soon after, she delivered a baby girl, all while her boyfriend snoozed away nearby.

Screams of pain

Nadia had no idea she was expecting a baby. Her periods remained regular and she stayed a size 10. She attributed the few pounds she gained to her new job at a restaurant. That’s why, when she was awakened in the middle of the night with cramps, she assumed that she was getting her period.

Once she got to her bathroom, however, she was in so much pain she collapsed to the floor. She made so much noise screaming in pain that her neighbors called the emergency line. She instinctively knew that it was time to push, she bore down, and she delivered her little girl all on her own.

Despite her screams of pain that were loud enough to rouse her neighbors, her boyfriend slumbered on just a short distance away. In fact, when she was done birthing their baby, she finally was able to rouse him and present to him their newborn daughter. Guess what the new dad did?

Went back to sleep.


Healthy baby girl

A short time later, he woke back up and had the proper reactions of extreme surprise and shock, followed by happiness. But you have to wonder, will he ever hear a baby or child cry in the night? I somehow highly doubt it.

The baby, a girl they named Poppy, was a healthy 7 pounds, 11 ounces. Nadia of course had no prenatal care and actually helped a pregnant neighbor carry her shopping bags. She felt no different — no morning sickness, no discomfort, no fetal movement, nothing — and wore a size 10 the entire time. Bizarre story, but one with a lovely, happy ending.

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