A New Parent Perspective

Sure, everyone constantly mentions how your life will change once you have a baby, but what's surprising is how much the little stuff will rock your world. Here are a few things that you might see in a new light.
New mom

How much you sleep (or don't)

Visit any new mom group and chances are the topic of sleep will come up at least once. New parents obsess over the sleep patterns of their little ones and constantly trade notes to find the secret for getting their infant to sleep at night. Even if you’re a natural night owl and could outlast even the craziest frat party in college, constant disruptive sleep through the night is a whole other ball game. And this time you can’t take a catnap through freshman English to recharge your battery.

Your wardrobe (how it functions, not looks)

Your inner fashionista might mourn a little at having to now think about how practical your wardrobe is, not just how fierce you look. You’ll find yourself pushing those 4-inch heels to the back of the closet in favor of flats that are easy for chasing your tot around. Dry-clean only garments will get swapped for wash and wear fabrics that are easy to get spit-up stains out of. And if you’re breastfeeding? You find yourself only caring about how easy it is to access your boob – and it’s not because you’re easy.

The sparkly baubles

For some reason, your baby will think your jewelry is her own personal jungle gym. She’ll pull at those chandelier earrings, try to chomp on your chunky bracelets and rip that delicate necklace right off your neck. You’ll find yourself swapping Tiffany diamonds for el cheapo finds at Charming Charlie’s

The bathroom situation

Whether or not a bathroom is clean isn’t your only concern anymore. Now you’re scoping out bathrooms wherever you go to see if there are adequate spots to change a diaper so you don’t have to make a trip out to the car (again!). Bonus points go to bathrooms that have a spot to nurse. You’ll find yourself going out of your way to go to Nordstrom’s just to use their infamous Mother's Lounge purely for the convenience.

Where to park the car

Before little ones joined your crew, you only cared about getting the premium front spot in the parking lot. Once there’s a baby on board you find yourself caring about whether or not there’s space to open the back door wide enough to get that monster infant car seat. You suddenly start cursing the jerk who doesn’t park straight under your breath as you troll the parking lot looking for a space with enough room to unload your baby gear.

And while we’re at it…

Your ride

Remember when you used to snub your nose at the massive mom-mobile mini-vans? Now you find yourself asking the moms in your playgroup which SUV they’d recommend and whether or not it has enough room for the carseat, stroller and other baby gear. Long gone are the days of picturing yourself in that sporty Mini Cooper convertible. Save that ride for your mid-life crisis when the kids flee the nest.

Grown-up stuff

Life insurance? A will? Emergency savings? Having another human being you’re responsible for tends to make you feel even more of an adult. Where you once stocked your pennies away for that dream vacay to Italy, now you’re putting money away for your babes college fund. You’re all grown up now momma.

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