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Working out and pregnancy don't always go hand-in-hand as easy as we would like — but some exercise is definitely more fun than others.

Pregnancy swimming

Sometimes, just walking across the room can be a Herculean task when you're expecting a baby, but moms and experts agree that exercising is important during pregnancy. Some exercises, however, are more fun than others.


Walking can be really boring — or it can be refreshing and fun. Walking in circles around a track doesn't really lift the spirits the way taking a walk outdoors can. Make sure you're wearing a good pair of walking shoes and take a walk around your block, or hit up a local, state or national park to really boost your mood and keep your spirits up as you get a really thorough workout. Joining up with a friend will be even more fun as you work on your social life as you get in a good workout.


Going into a large body of water is divine during pregnancy, particularly the further along you are. The physical properties of the water will keep the pressure off your joints and your pelvis, allowing for free and wonderful movement. You will feel light as a feather, and if you're suffering a lot from pain and discomfort, it is the perfect way to get your blood pumping. Even if you don't swim, just getting in a pool and walking around will give you plenty of exercise.

Stationary bicycling

Riding a regular bicycle can be more difficult in the later stages of pregnancy when your center of gravity is off — it can be tricky to balance well. A stationary bicycle, however, can be the perfect way to get a nice workout in. If you set it up in front of your TV, you can even get caught up on your favorite shows as you benefit your heart and lungs.

Important tips

You'll want to keep hydrated during exercise, even more than when you're not pregnant. And also make sure your doctor or midwife gives you the green light before starting a workout regimen, especially if you haven't worked out much before. Listen to your body — if you cramp or feel dizzy or unwell, stop. If you exercised regularly before pregnancy, you might have to tone down your workouts as your pregnancy progresses.

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