Revel In The Joys Of Pregnancy

Sure, pregnancy comes with a laundry list of side effects like swollen ankles, heartburn and fatigue. Instead of focusing on those not-so-pleasant parts of pregnancy, revel in the amazing benefits expecting a baby has for you!

Happy pregnant woman lying in grass

Kick-a$$ sex

Okay, you may be too nauseous during the first trimester and too tired in the third trimester to do the deed. But in that magic second trimester an increased blood flow to the pelvic area gives you greater sensitivity during sex, which equates to awesome orgasms. Yay!

Bigger boobs

Growing milk ducts lead to growing breasts. And flaunting a fuller bust line is definitely a fun benefit of pregnancy. Enjoy showing off your new found curves — we're sure your man will love this perk, too.

Shiny, fuller hair and long fingernails

You may notice the texture and sheen of your hair change during pregnancy. Thanks to pregnancy hormones, you'll lose less hair during pregnancy, which makes it appear fuller and more lush. Pregnancy hormones can also make your fingernails grow very quickly during pregnancy. But they can also become more brittle so take care of your digits by treating your pregnant self to regular manicures.

That glow

You've surely heard people say that you're "glowing." And, once again, hormones, as well as increased blood flow, are to thank for your newly brightened skin tone.

It brings out the best in others

You may be surprised at how many people love to rush to the "aid" of a pregnant woman (even if you don't really need it). Complete strangers may offer to carry your groceries or pump your gas and strike up conversation about your baby bump. And if you're getting this treatment from perfect strangers, imagine the pampering you'll receive from loved ones.

No periods

Being pregnant wipes out your period for the duration. If you breastfeed baby, your period may not return for years! Don't take that as a sign that you can skip birth control after you've welcomed baby, however.

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