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Home Stretch

Your Golden Trimester is over, and your third is making you more uncomfortable week by week, but in some ways, it can be the most awesome trimester yet.

Woman in her third trimester

The first trimester can be icky, but your second trimester can be amazing. The third, however,  is known for being physically difficult -- because you don't think you can grow any larger nor pee any more frequently -- but it has an amazing charm all of its own.

Rock that belly

Sure, by the end of your pregnancy you probably won't fit into any clothing comfortably, maternity or otherwise, but it can be so much fun to really look and feel hugely pregnant. There is something magical about a really large pregnant belly, full of baby boy or girl. Even if your clothes aren't terribly comfortable, it can be awe-inspiring to feel the perfect roundness of your middle.

Increased fetal movement

It can (and usually does) get painful at times, but the tender taps of your second trimester are replaced with strong rolls, punches and kicks that can be truly wondrous to behold. You will be able to see her movements from the outside and you can give your whole family a baby-to-be show.

Massive anticipation

As the days draw closer to your due date, your anticipation will grow. This will likely feel agonizing, especially if your due date comes and goes with nary a promising contraction, but you haven't looked forward to something this much since you were a kid, and believe it or not, it's a priceless experience. You can't wait to find out what your baby looks like, sounds like and feels like, and in some cases whether it's a boy or a girl, and on delivery day, you will get the biggest present ever.


You may have been "eh" about cleaning and organizing your baby's things up to now, but suddenly at 33 weeks or so your nesting instinct kicks in and suddenly you need to get it all done, and your baby's room has never looked more awesome and you have never felt more prepared. Enjoy it, because it may be the most clean and organized you will be for some time to come!

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