Get A Handle On Being Down In The Dumps

While pregnancy is usually a happy occasion, you may experience moments of disappointment throughout the nine months. Get through the tough times with a few simple tips.

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Baby's sex

Long before you even become pregnant, you may have had your heart set on having either a little boy or a little girl. When the sonogram reveals something other than what you've been envisioning for so long, it's okay to feel a little disappointed.

Remember that baby's health and safety is really the most important thing at this time. Then give yourself some time to adjust to the news of baby's sex. If it's a boy and you had your heart set on a girl (or vice versa), do some fun things to get yourself excited about the baby like reading baby boy name books or cruising Pinterest for baby boy themed-nursery ideas.

Weight gain

It's an understatement to say that women in our society are very conscious of their body image and weight. So, naturally, gaining a large sum of weight (the normal range is between 25 and 35 pounds) can really bum you out. Speak with your doctor about your target weight gain range, but don't go overboard and stress out about trying to stick within it. Instead, stay healthy by eating nutritious foods and maintaining an exercise plan approved by your doctor.

Dwindling sex drive

Some women confess to feeling extra horny during pregnancy, but others cop to losing their sex drives altogether. If you fall into the latter group, the lack of sex is bound to get you down in the dumps eventually. Find new ways to bond with your man, and focus on foreplay rather than the main event when you two do make it into the bedroom.

Morning sickness

Feeling nauseous all the time is no way to spend three (or more!) months. So if morning — or all day — sickness is plaguing you, it's likely to make you at least a little miserable despite the joy of being pregnant.

Curb morning sickness by eating small bland meals every two hours (yes, even if you don't feel like eating), sipping herbal decaffeinated tea such as ginger or peppermint and keeping crackers by your bedside to fend off a case of late-night or early morning nausea. If severe morning sickness persists, see your doctor right away.

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